Wow, this episode has to be one of my favourite to date. Join me and the amazing Money Mindset Mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas to talk about all the re...View Details

As individuals, we all have blocks. Things that stop us from putting ourselves out there, achieving our potential, being exactly who we want to be, sh...View Details

In a global pandemic, I thought it was about time that I brought you a doctor. Not just any doctor, but the Mind Body Doctor, Tosin Sotubo. She decide...View Details

Starting series 2 off with a bang, I am joined with Resilience and mental strength training expert James Elliott. In series 2 I wanted to focus more o...View Details

Today I am joined with Stefanie Sword-Williams, Founder of Fuck Being Humble; a mentoring platform, event series and book, that help individuals overc...View Details

I am excited to welcome this week's interviewee, Jane Walker MBE. Planning on taking a 3 month sabbatical from her job managing 28 newspapers for some...View Details

Today, I am joined by Madeleine Black. After being gang raped at the age of 13 and going through the unspeakable, she now speaks about her story to he...View Details

This episode I am joined with Mary Storrie. Finalist for this year's Pride of Britain award for her Rosie May Foundation. The ultimate role model and ...View Details

On the 27/09/2020, I turn 21.   Age is a crazy thing, it can bring us so much clarity or throw us into a pit of confusion and self doubt. I am so exci...View Details

Veganism, a topic that is becoming increasingly more popular and discussed. With the environment on its knees, public health at a low and, animal trea...View Details

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