As individuals, we all have blocks. Things that stop us from putting ourselves out there, achieving our potential, being exactly who we want to be, showing up exactly how and where we want to. These can be systemic blocks from our history and the culture around us, or, it can be from our own personal experiences. But, good news, we can rid ourselves of these blocks to help us reach this limitless potential. 

Samantha is the CEO and Founder of the School of Visibility, a school aiming to help women become seen and heard in all aspects of life; career, family, relationships, etc. She explains to me what blocks are and ways to break them down so that we are no longer chained by them. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • What is a visibility block
  • Why we are holding ourselves back in a limitless world
  • How systemic oppression continues to limit us
  • Samantha's journey through sexual trauma, chronic depression and chronic fatigue
  • The physical effect of trauma
  • The 'good girl' archetype
  • The result of conditioning 
  • How to overcome personal and systemic blocks
  • How to notice and clear emotions 


This was a conversation that filled me with warmth and hope. Samantha's wisdom has resonated with me and it is no wonder that she is helping women all around the world to become visible. If you listen to this episode and want more information/ guidance in overcoming your own blocks, there are free resources on the School of Visibility's website.

See below for details:

Instagram: theschoolofvisibility 


Edited by Christian Pflanz

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